Bola Ighodalo

Bola Ighodalo

Operations Lead

Bola is the Operations Lead of the firm; she uses her innovation and charisma to ensure the smooth operation of the firm. Her tenacity and collaborative skills have ensured the growth of the firm as she sees to the administrative and non-administrative running of the firm.

She ensures that employees’ performances are at an optimum leval and provides the needed motivation to both legal and paralegal members of staff. Her business acumen is effectively put to use in her relationship management with the clients – potential and current – as well as the business development of the firm.

Bola has her master’s degree in public administration with a major in Human Resources from the prestigious University of Lagos. She is a certified Human Resources professional and an Associate Professional in Human Resources – International (aPHRI). Her peculiar eyes for talents have helped in the distinctive and outstanding recruitments in the firm. Her critical recruitment role has positively increased the size of the firm. Not only is she efficient in the recruitments of key staff, but also in their onboarding as well as performance evaluation. Her people skill makes her approachable by all members of the firm without any form of intimidation.

As a member of the Association of Law Firm Administrators of Nigeria (ALAN), Bola joins her contemporaries to innovate new ways legal practice can be enhanced in line with constant technological and economic advancement.